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  1. Let's wait another day & then you should report back to me. I will guie you to cleaning up the tools I had you use when we Close the case. Meantime, my typical advice is listed here. [ BEST PRACTICES ] Backup is your best friend. Keep backups of your system on a regular basis to offline storage & keep those safe. https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/136226-backup-software/ It is not enough to just have a security program installed. Each pc user needs to practice daily safe computer and internet use. Best practices & malware preventio
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  2. YAY ! Bravo. Now, a custom script run to re-check the system with SFC & DISM & to hopefully assist with Windows Update. Be sure you Close / Exit any open work files / apps before you begin this. You have FRSTENGLISH.exe on the Deskyop Save this file AS-IS to the Desktop Fixlist.txt NOTICE: This script was written specifically for this user, for use on this particular machine. Running this on another machine may cause damage to your operating system that cannot be undone. Please download the attached fixlist.txt file and save it to the Desktop o
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