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  2. It is recommended to use the allow list to exclude your project folders from all protections in Malwarebytes.
  3. Only by turning off which of the four separate components are causing the issue it is usually web protection or ransomware protection. Also does not hurt to place mutual exclusions in both Avast and Malwarebytes.
  4. Now that I think about the VM which was offered Windows 10 May 2020 I think I recall I recently bought a Windows license key for it through Windows Store. The other Windows 10 Pro running in VM's have older activations applied..
  5. Interesting, I also thought this was resolved, but have found that after working for a full day, it seems it might not be resolved. Also the Ransomware protection theory seems to bear out what I have experienced. I'm using Visual Studio and when I build larger project Visual Studio seems to 'hang'. After a few tests, I saw the MWB was to blame and when I closed the program Visual Studio continued with the build. Obviously, if I build large projects are multiple projects, a lot of files get erased and recreated, so this seems plausable. Today I'll disable the ransomware part and see what happens. Regards, Martin.
  6. From https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/release-information/status-windows-10-2004 Note We recommend that you do not attempt to manually update using the Update now button or the Media Creation Tool until this issue has been resolved. I fail to see this as a forced upgrade. Again any update or patch for that matter may not be available thru Windows Update for a number of reasons. But that discussion is not for this forum as it does not help the issue at hand. In your words: I am not defending Malwarebytes as there are issues with some configurations at the moment and has been going on for several months and have not been able to be reproduced by the developers. I just hope to see a production ready release soon or like I wrote before an answer: Can the current MBA installation be tweaked to allow current users you continue to run MBA (production release) on Windows 10 Pro May 2020 instead of a Beta release?
  7. You are not just an average user. The info I posted is a warning to the average mom and pop reading this topic about forcing any feature upgrade. Also important to have an image backup to external media (and know how to use it) in case something goes sideways. I have never trusted the return to previous version option in Windows (seen it fail several times)plus it goes away in 10 days anyway.
  8. Microsoft has put in blocks to the upgrading system not all reasons are documented by them. Some may not see the upgrade notice for months. I have been running 2004 since March 30th. My computer has not had any issues. It was not a clean install but an upgrade using an ISO from UUP Dump.
  9. Unfortunatly you missed the info I provided. As you will be aware of I run Windows on both iron as I do on virtual hardware (VMware Workstation 15.5). You may agree with me if I run Windows 10 Pro (I have 5 VM's) on identical virtual machines and of those only 1 is offered the update you logic is flawed.
  10. Regarding your text: That is considered force upgrading before Windows update offers it to you. I would also have uninstalled Avast/AVG as 3rd party AV programs have a very high potential of messing feature updates up. I do not see this as force upgrading but I guess will look at it our own way.
  11. As a side note, I have done almost 40 upgrades to 2004 with no issue. I do have have a couple of clients with Malwarebytes issues and have just downgraded MB to the version I linked and put them on a list when things are finally fixed to contact to re upgrade Malwarebytes to the fixed current version.
  12. Added info: of the 3 Windows device I have running Windows 10 Pro/MBA/Avast/HitmanPro, the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is still 1909 (OS Build 18363.836) will state within Windows Update thru Setting that Version 2004 is not yet ready for the device. The computers current running Windows 10 Pro Version 2004 never showed this notification.
  13. That is considered force upgrading before Windows update offers it to you. I would also have uninstalled Avast/AVG as 3rd party AV programs have a very high potential of messing feature updates up. I am not defending Malwarebytes as there are issues with some configurations at the moment and has been going on for several months and have not been able to be reproduced by the developers.
  14. The computer systems were made up-to-date thru Windows Update Assistant. Of course I made sure to look at the release notes (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/release-information/) regarding issue's listed for Version 2004. The Windows Update Assistant was downloaded from https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10.
  15. Today
  16. Please restart the computer. Then open Malwarebytes again and run a normal Threat scan and it should create a new log.
  17. Thank you for your suggestion. It has been suggested a few times and is on a list of possible updates.
  18. I have not used those mostly since Win 98. A few times during the XP era. Useless today and just overkill that can lead to conflicts with other security software.
  19. All modern web browsers have options to block cookies if desired, and removing cookies after the fact is pointless as they have already been used to track your activities at that point. The only way to truly defeat tracking cookies is to block them. Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocks many tracking servers for this reason, to safeguard privacy. Beyond that you could try a tool such as Spywareblaster or the Immunize function in Spybot Search & Destroy, however I have not personally used either in some time as they are both quite dated and not as useful as they once were when browsers were less secure than they are now.
  20. Malwarebytes isn't creating a new file because there isn't anything to create. (I guess). It's not giving me the option to export anything as well. The only thing I can attach that has relevance is the file I had submitted previously. NewMalwareB1.txt
  21. Greetings, Unfortunately there is no option to export settings in the home user version of Malwarebytes at this time, however I will pass your feedback on to the Product team for consideration. Thanks
  22. You'll likely have to force the system to shut down by holding down the power button then proceed with the next step. It is the self-protection component preventing you from deleting it manually; technology intended to prevent malicious tampering by malware and hackers.
  23. Hey Kevin, thanks again for your help. I am not getting the popups anymore and the tool says it removed one threat. Let me know if there is anything else I need to do. I have attached the file as well. You the MVP for real. SophosVirusRemovalTool.log
  24. Sorry, I thought that the file I had added was the new. I'm scanning again to make absolute sure. NewMalwareB1.txt
  25. Hi everyone: I noticed recently in the Google app on my phone (the one that curates all of the news/weather/local information) that there has been a recent, long string of youtube videos being processed by the search function. The searches usually follow the syntax of: [video code] -site:youtube.com Does anyone know of any adware/malware/viruses that cycle through various Youtube video id's in the background (my guess is that they are looking to get more video views)? Could this be the videos that I click on in the news feed section of the app? If anyone has any ideas as to what this might be, that would be great. Also, I've attached a screenshot for reference. Thanks, DD
  26. Of course they do. They want you to subscribe to their ad free email service. I actually subscribe to Yahoo business email and since I pay them yearly I do not have any issues. Cookies are harmless. I have not deleted any cookies in years. Buy people will argue about privacy issues with them and PERSONALLY I do not care on any computer I own. I use Firefox and though I have Chrome and the new Edge installed, I only use Firefox for 99.9% of web browsing. I stopped using them when they started to allow some AD's by default few years ago in favor of UBlock Origin. I set Storage Sense on all computers on the following settings.
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