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  2. After these few days of use everything seemed fine until today the system tray icon didnt appear
  3. Thanks exile360 I followed your instructions and since I have program installed on two different computers, I used the email I purchased for the one in question as you instructed and found the registered Malwarebytes and deactivated it. That fixed the problem, I clicked activate and it took my old license information and the program is now been activated to Premium. Again thank you so much for the assistance.
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  5. Unrelated to the freeze issue, I found out PCAPro was installed accidentally by my kid on her account only. That explains why I didn't see it under Settings/Apps as Admin at the first place.
  6. I tried Clean and Reinstall tonight. It froze for ~10 seconds during the last step of reinstall ! After the installation, I started a manual scan from the dashboard, and it froze during Check for Updates for ~10 seconds. The after the scan was completed, it froze while I was getting back to the browser pages. All 3 freezing incidents happened within 10 minutes... I was able to reproduce the freezing 100% of the time by forcing a manual scan and all of them freeze at either "Check for Updates" or "Prescan Operation" stages. After changing the settings to "Never register Malwarebytes in the Windows Action Center", I was able to run manual scan one time without freeze (this is the first time that I was able to do it without a freeze), the other time with ~3 seconds freeze. So it is an improvement. However, my screen froze within 1 minute after I closed the scan summary dialog for a duration of 3~10 seconds. So my conclusion is that the setting change helped but not completely resolved the issue. Attached is a new log file since Clean and Reinstall. This particular computer is a new HP Envy desktop purchased in February. By the way, I didn't see PCAPro installed under Settings/Apps, is the log file saying it is installed? mbst-grab-results.zip
  7. Greetings, I would recommend signing up for an account at My.Malwarebytes.com using, if possible, the same email address you used when you originally purchased your license (this makes synchronizing your license key to your account much easier) and then using the available options there to deactivate any past installation/device to free up your license once more so that you may activate the software with your license key. Instructions on signing up can be found in this support article and additional information on how to deactivate your past installation/device so that you may use it on your new Windows installation can be found in this support article. Further info on how to use the My Account feature to manage your licenses and devices can be found in this support article. If you still have any trouble getting your license to work or getting it to show up in your account at My.Malwarebytes.com then please refer to the information in this support article which shows how to add an existing lifetime license key to your account. If it still won't work for some reason then please contact Malwarebytes Support directly via the form on the bottom of this page and they will reset your license key so that you may activate it on your current system/Windows installation. I hope this helps, and if there is anything else we might assist you with please let us know. Thanks
  8. My Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Pro Order reference # is 52667498. Mind you this was bought directly through Malwarebytes Corporation website and registration provide by Cleverbridge.
  9. esterday my Pro version was still working and today I had to revert to a previous Windows image of April 23rd 2019 due to Windows issues and I noticed Malwarebytes was no longer Pro but Trial version and a bright orange box on the upper right corner that said "Upgrade Now" and on the left a blue box that said "Activate License". Well, since a have a PDF copy from Cleverbridge who is the e-commerce seller for Malwarebytes Corporation or so it was back in November 23, 2013 and provides me with an ID# and a Key#, that still worked last time I had to upgrade my OS on my computer. I said no problem, I will press the blue activate button, enter my key and check box below that says "My license came with a License ID". Well it said I had exceeded maximum installations as in the attached picture. I didn't not reinstalled by did a re-imaging of my OS from last month Windows backup, where Malwarebytes Pro was installed and working. My license was a lifetime license and now mysteriously downgraded to trial. What gives?
  10. Good Morning maurice. Sorry about late reporting on the problem i was getting. all seems good now. it seemed like it was from google chrome. and some PDF files. i deleted them files and dont get warning now. I thank you for your help. Mike..
  11. sorry … "snooze" should be "some one". (darn spell check)
  12. Thank you for your response; I really appreciate it. It is (nicely) surprising to find snooze willing to provide this level of advice and assistance. I'll await the confirmation from the staff tomorrow (Monday).
  13. Well i guess it was just a hiccup since I can't reproduce it anymore either but here is the report and the file anyways. mwb.txt Intel-CSME-Detection-2019Q1.rar
  14. Hello @Mirfly, Sorry to hear of the troubles you're having. In addition to elaborating on the issues, please could you also carry out the instructions in the topic linked below so we can take a closer look at the issue. https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/190532-having-problems-using-malwarebytes-please-follow-these-steps/ Thanks!
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  16. Hi @kimabc3, Thanks for providing the logs. There are no signs of any malware present. Could you elaborate a little more on the issue please. Are you experiencing a double-click every time you single-click? Are there any other issues occurring? Have you tried testing a different mouse to see if the fault lies there? Does this behaviour occur in Safe Mode?
  17. Lesson learned here. Always take advantage of the free trial before paying, to make sure it works with your setup. Although a very few users have had some issue with Malwarebytes installation, I believe all have been quickly resolved by a reboot or an uninstall/re-install. Of thousands of users I've seen here, you are the first that felt they were ripped off. Assuming you are looking for assistance and not just venting, can you describe how your computer is "not working?"
  18. I have been struggling for weeks to find out why my computer only shows 5 of the 9 computers on my Win2008R2 network. Finally running network check on my windows 10 computer I was prompted that mwac.sys was causing an issue with the network. None of this happened before my Premium Malwarebytes was upgraded to the latest edition 3.7.1. I have seen somewhere that mwac.sys can cause problems with DNS and Active Directory. Is there a workaround or has this been addressed on a later release
  19. I PAID for malwarebytes and now my computer is not working. Malwarebytes is stuck on Prescreening. what a RIP OFF this product is. I now will have to take my computer in to get it fixed.
  20. Hi @Yang, Does the freeze occur consistently occur with manual Threat Scans or only sometimes? Are there any other actions/events in particular that typically trigger the issue? How long have you had a Malwarebytes product installed? Is this new behaviour that previously did not occur with Malwarebytes installed? It's unlikely related, but I would consider uninstalling PCAPro and rebooting. We do not recommend using software of this nature. ----- Let's see if we can narrow down the source of the issue. Please disable all Real-Time Protection modules in Malwarebytes (Dashboard -> disable each module on the right). Once done, verify if the issue persists or not. If it doesn't, re-enable one module and check again. Repeat until you identify which module is responsible.
  21. Hi @shalebing, Do you have any type of tablet software installed? We can see mbam.exe (the Malwarebytes user interface) is crashing. Let's enable user mode crash dumps and obtain a crash dump. This should give us a good indication as to what is causing the crash. Enable User Mode Crash Dumps Please download enable_crash_dumps.bat using the link below. → https://malwarebytes.box.com/s/eug9gmk7i1xqeugb0xobjlqcsfb4uv1e Open your Downloads folder. Right-click enable_crash_dumps.bat and select Run as administrator to run the file. Note: If you are prompted by Windows SmartScreen, click More info followed by Run anyway. A black Command Prompt window will appear. Upon completion, press any key to exit. Once done, please reproduce the issue you're experiencing. Collect Crash Dump Reproduce the issue by attempting to open the Malwarebytes user interface. Wait at least 1 minute. Press the Windows Key + R on your keyboard at the same time. Copy %localappdata%\CrashDumps and paste into the Run box. Click OK. A folder will open. Inside you should see a DMP file with "mbam.exe" in the file name. Right-click the file and click Send to followed by Compressed (Zipped) folder. This will create a Zip file. Go to WeTransfer.com in your browser. Click Add your files, navigate to %localappdata%\CrashDumps and double-click the ZIP file. Click (...) and select the link radio button under Send as. Click Transfer. Upon completion, copy the download link and include it in a forum post.
  22. A customer of our website international.elann.com reported that when she clicked a link to visit our site, she received a Malwarebytes warning that the site was blocked because it may be phishing. It is definitely not. elann.com is the legitimate domain of a legitimate company that has been doing business on the web for over 25 years. Kaspersky and Norton deem the website to be clean as a whistle. Can you please help? Please let me know if you need any further details.
  23. I've used other adblockers that allow AdSense ads, which are generally considered to be less intrusive and as you mentioned, easy to opt out of. Not sure why you would choose to uninstall instead of opt out, but it's certainly up to you.
  24. OK , going now to download the BIOS update.exe file . I have an question before going to updating the BIOS . my question is : whether the BIOS update will cause an issue like a black screen or trouble to start windows then what should do I do ? an HP article says that should to disable bitlocker but however there is no "bitlocker" in windows 10 ? I can not find it either .
  25. Yes, 7.3.0 is the current Adwcleaner. Point is, did you finish all phases of Adwcleaner ? what did it find, if anything? can we get a copy of the report for review. Start Adwcleaner. Click the button marked Log Files. Look for the most recently dated one with Cnn ( where nn stands for a 2 digit number) we want the highest number C report ( the one also with latest date). Double click that line. It will open a copy in your Text Editor ( like Notepad). You can if you want, COPY all lines from there, and Paste into a Reply.
  26. Thanks, I was not sure it would block further use of the license.
  27. Well, I found out two things related to this: 1.- When I stop SSDPSRV, the network traffic to and from utopia.net stops. 2.- When I stop dnscache, after two or three minutes, it restarts and svchost writes the previous registry values under the PID 1304. Besides that, I couldn't arrive to many conclusions, since I started getting network connections to utopia under other PIDs I didn't have before. I'll try to make more controlled and methodic tests tomorrow.
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