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  2. Hello @rickylee and Let me get some logs please so that we can see what's going on with your system. Please download Farbar Recovery Scan Tool and save it to your desktop. Note: You need to run the version compatible with your system. You can check here if you're not sure if your computer is 32-bit or 64-bit Double-click to run it. When the tool opens click Yes to disclaimer. Press Scan button. It will make a log (FRST.txt) in the same directory the tool is run. Please attach it to your reply. The first time the tool is run, it also makes another log (Addition.txt). Please attach it to your reply as well. Thanks Ron
  3. Hello @Alucard783 and Please follow the directions from the following topic. Once that has been done and you've rebooted the computer, if the issue remains please let us know. Thank you Ron
  4. Hello @rickylee and A request has been made to forum management to move your topic to the more appropriate Windows Malware Removal Help & Support subforum. HTH
  5. Since I have Windows 10 malwarebytes does not open. I have tried several suggestions without success. MSN is no help.
  6. Since I have Windows 10 malwarebytes does not open. I have tried several suggestions without success. MSN is no help.
  7. Please try this again. The log indicates it did not work. If the USB was inserted before the Reovery point then it cannot fix it. Format the USB stick from a clean computer and try again
  8. The current logs don't show an obvious infection, but let's go ahead and do another scan with Kaspersky antivirus to make sure. Please download and run the following Kaspersky antivirus scanner to remove any found threats Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool Let me know if it finds anything or not
  9. Hello, It is an IP block, looks like many fraud and scam sites were associated with it. I am going to be removing this block as I see legitimate sites now using the IP.
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  11. Forgot to put the System Look file... Sorry for double post. SystemLook.txt
  12. Hello It seems System Look did not find anything, so the KMS thing is probably removed. I have used the Bitdefender uninstaller and Revo Uninstaller Portable and removed everything that I could find that was slightly suspicious to me and restarted. But the boot time is still the same, I just don't get it, its like there is no explanation for it. It just doesn't make sense to me because everything else is working fine and fast. nasdaq, you don't think that it has anything to do with that Virtual Memory weird thing that I mentioned before? (Post #10) I'm just guessing because I'm running out of ideas...
  13. Ok, I've done all that, thanks Treed. FYI, the only apps I have installed in the last few day were Remember The Milk and DiskCatalogmaker. That last one I had my doubts about - it installed the app into the applications folder but nothing appeared in launch pad. It also works at quite a low level presumably to be able to catalogue hard drives. I didn't catalogue my main hard drive with it, just a few external drives I keep my film making archives on. If it didn't come in through those, what other way could it have got onto my system? Thanks for your help.
  14. Sorry, late to the party. @TwinHeadedEagle any ETA on the fix or is reset still the preferred method of removal?
  15. No, it would not. Chrome would save all the settings for the most part including the redirect issue. We could MANUALLY remove it and that would fix it. But my personal advice would be to just stop using Chrome period and switch to Firefox
  16. On the MBE's icon I can see the number of things that are blocked, but not exactly what is blocked. Is there a feature planned that displays what is being blocked? And is there also a feature planned that allows the user to block or whitelist stuff on a per item bases (like uBlock offers), rather than whitelisting a whole domain? And do you intend to in the future add the ability for users to add filter lists, or perhaps go the other way around and opensource your filter lists to be used in other blockers like uBlock Origin?
  17. https://www.bol.com/ was a mess, and it appeared that the culprit is MBE's Scam Protection (I excluded all other blocking options of MBE as well as any other extensions). I then added the site to the Allow List for malware/scams, but the site is still a jumbled mess when Scam Protection is enabled.
  18. Hello! I was just why this website was blocked. I was browsing on Ebay and when I clicked on this one item, Malwarebytes popped up saying it was blocking an outbound connection to a website because of Fraud. The domain was listed as "ocsp.usertrust.com & the IP was I was wondering why it's blocked and do I need to take any further action since it was blocked? I've attached the report below for reference. Thank you & I hope to hear from a staff member/expert soon! blocked.txt
  19. ive got my logs and im read for some help FRST.txt Addition.txt malwarebytes report.txt
  20. I'm new to this but can't really understand why I am being asked to do these steps? Is it to fix my problem or to allow you to review my logs
  21. We've gotten a copy of the app (thanks, CaptainSlocum!) and updated the database. For folks who are affected, try this: 1) Open Malwarebytes 2) In the right-hand pane of the Malwarebytes window, find a label that says "Protection updates". Next to that will be a blue link reading "Current". Click that to force an update... it should change to say "Checking," "Downloading," etc. 3) Start a scan  4) Remove anything that is detected 5) Switch to the Quarantine tab in the Malwarebytes app 6) Click the Clear Quarantine button 7) Restart your computer Also, note that if you're using a Premium subscription in the latest version of Malwarebytes for Mac, the App Block feature will prevent the MaxBuilder app - and any other apps by the same developer - from running.
  22. I have an old Windows XP Home Edition (Service Pack 3) that is now unable to perform System Restore on ANY restore point. This computer uses a dial-up connection to connect to the internet and normally has a speed of 44.0 - 45.2 kbps, but now only connects at 24.6 kbps. Here's a list of events and the dates they occurred on. Sorry for the length of this post. February 21st: - Updated Avast Virus Definitions in the early afternoon. I turned off the computer after updating. - Turned on the computer in the evening, and the dial-up connection window appeared on start-up, prompting me to connect to the internet. This doesn't normally happen. February 23rd: - Ever since the 21st, every single time I turned on the computer, the connection window would pop-up on its own. - I checked the Avast Antivirus settings, but I already had it set to manual updates instead of automatic, so that couldn't be it. - I haven't installed anything new, so I don't know what was prompting the computer to connect on its own. February 24th: - I used System Restore to roll-back the settings to the February 15th restore point. - The problem was resolved! The computer stopped trying to connect to the internet on start-up. April 21st: - Completed a Full System Scan with Avast. - When connecting to the internet later in the day, I could only get a speed of 24.6 kbps. - I tried disconnecting and redialing for my usual speed of 45.2 kbps, but I keep getting 24.6 kbps. April 24th: - I'm still only getting 24.6 kbps. - Checked the phone line, it's working normally (no background noise), and everything is plugged in securely. - I assumed something in the settings must have changed, so I tried to use System Restore again. - When the computer restarted after using System Restore, I got this message "System Restore did not complete successfully. No changes were made to your computer." - I tried again using other Restore Points, but it fails no matter what date I choose. - I restarted the computer in Safe Mode, and still all Restore Points fail. - I try to sign-in to my Google Account to email someone for advice, and I get this message "The browser you're using doesn't support JavaScript, or has JavaScript turned off. To keep your Google Account secure, try signing in on a browser that has JavaScript" - JavaScript is already enabled. I tested it with another Google account and was able to sign-in without any problem. It is only this account that isn't working. So to sum it all up, these are the 3 problems: 1) Internet Connection speed is now consistently slower at 24.6 kbps instead of 45.2 kbps. 2) System Restore fails no matter which Restore Point I choose (even on Safe Mode). 3) Google doesn't detect JavaScript when I try signing-in with my account. Any help you can provide would be appreciated, - T-Ruth
  23. Greetings, JRT has actually long been discontinued and is no longer being actively updated, maintained or supported. Please refer to the information in this topic.
  24. Greetings, This is actually how modern subscription licenses work. They are multi-seat/multi-install based licenses (if purchased for more than 1 device) and the devices/installations can be managed using the My Account feature at My.Malwarebytes.com. The problem right now is the older lifetime licenses/backwards compatibility. I do think two factor authentication might be a good idea, however it's not nearly as bulletproof as some may believe and there have already been many occasions where 2FA has been bypassed/cracked. No solution is perfect obviously, however it actually has already gotten to the point that keygens no longer work with Malwarebytes. This is why all pirated versions now included a crack along with a keygen generated key as well as modifications to the system's HOSTS file to attempt to block Malwarebytes' licensing servers because keys alone no longer work (though these additional methods actually end up breaking the application's ability to update and I suspect also break its cloud detection capabilities). I also like the idea of a notification system whenever a key/license seat is used. That said, all lifetime licenses are only good for a single device/installation at a time anyway, so there would be no need for tracking the number of installs/activations for those keys beyond the first one, so if the user wishes to use it on a new system they first must deactivate the previous device/installation so that they can move the license over. Signing into the software could be convenient for users with many different license keys, but ideally, with the modern multi-seat licensing system, most customers should only have a single key to keep track of for all of their devices anyway. The situation with multiple keys that some users such as yourself are dealing with is really just the result of lifetime licenses being grandfathered into the current licensing system so most users shouldn't have to deal with that issue. They might be able to provide such a solution eventually, but they would need to get all of the existing lifetime license users to create accounts at My.Malwarebytes.com before they could as many users are still doing things the old fashioned way and have yet to create accounts. Malwarebytes may force the issue eventually by making everyone create an account in order to activate the software, but I don't believe they've done so yet.
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