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  2. Greetings, Unfortunately Malwarebytes has no software that runs on routers at the moment. I assume it would require some sort of Linux based client if it is a router that supports the installation of third party software (most don't, though some do have custom firmware available which allows further options). Malwarebytes has a VPN called Malwarebytes Privacy, however it won't run on a router either.
  3. Malwarebytes currently offers this VPN which users have really liked. You're question about installing it on a router would have to be answered by the staff and not me. Here is the link to Malwarebytes VPN check it out. https://www.malwarebytes.com/lp/sem-privacy/en/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIn6LD77uK7AIVGIvICh06tAzOEAAYASAAEgKEJPD_BwE
  4. IP is CloudFlare It's just an anti scam website designed for logging fake popups. Obviously MBAM has detected the popups logged as malicious & blocked the site. (Note: I am not affiliated with popupdb.org)
  5. Well, the official answers are in the EULA which states that they only support purchases direct from Malwarebytes or through an authorized reseller. The additional info provided by Newegg, me, Porthos and anyone else who does not officially represent Malwarebytes and their legal agreements cannot say with absolute certainty whether or not the Newegg licenses will be honored as we've only our past experience which tells us that they should be. When in doubt, go with the official terms which state pretty clearly what the answers are. Since Newegg isn't an authorized reseller any more, those v
  6. I would like to have MB installed on my router so all units on my home network are protected. Since I have both a desktop backup as well as a Network Attached Storage I don't use Cloud therefore that application doesn't seem correct. I'm also considering a VPN application to install in my new router and would like that option. Is there a version of MB that will install in a router? Or might you consider creating one?
  7. You're likely right, plus the fact that as soon as an install of Malwarebytes goes online, if there is an existing key it immediately tries to reactivate, so if that key is in use on a large number of devices, each will try to activate as soon as it can whenever it does its regular license checkins and database updates.
  8. Windows 7 is working, but it's the copy of Windows 7 installed on the HDD, not the one on the SSD which I would prefer using. FRSTEnglish is in the Downloads folder on the SSD. The SSD has been installed for a year or so now. The internal cabling has not changed. Earlier today, after the boot problem started, I disconnected/reconnected the two drives a few times to see what would happen, but they are currently connected as they originally had been. This PC is a regular desktop tower, specifically an Alienware Area-51. I have a USB flash drive ready to go. I can use Win
  9. You noted "Boots into Windows 7 from the HDD". Can you then use Windows ? That was my unstated question. Can you use that Windows and look to just "see" if you have the report tool named FRST64 or FRSTenglish present on that drive. Also, do you posses a USB-thumb-flash drive in case there is a need for that later on. I suspect it will be needed later. As to the physical presence of the SSD, was that physically there before > and has the internal hardware cabling changed recently ? Is this a tower system type hardware ? and what if anything are you
  10. Yes, questions remain, for me, regarding - Newegg support would not (could not) confirm they're a Malwarebytes authorized reseller - Newegg support could not (would not) point me to the license terms and conditions for Malwarebytes 3.0 offered on Newegg. Maybe, I'm getting too deep in the woods. Admitting, I do gravitate towards minutia. But..... I'd like to think that there are direct simple official answers for direct simple questions. Just me. Just saying.
  11. @adas, from the Malwarebytes staff, wants to analyze it, probably to see if it's something Malwarebytes needs to detect.
  12. Again, Thank you so much for the OTL reports. I have a small run for you to do. This goal here is to make a few tweaks in registry related to system policies , some relating to admin & some to turn on Windows User Account Control. To that end, I am attaching one zip file. Save it to the desktop first. Then Extract the content to the Desktop. You ought to then have a reg file named Polsys.reg Double-click on Polsys.reg and let it proceed & let it merge. Please advise about the run. We will do more later. polsys.zip
  13. Hiya Trebor58, Thanks for the update, good to hear your system is now back to normal. I believe a fresh install was the best way forward, hidden rootkits could have us chasing out tails forever more... Read the following links to fully understand PC Security and Best Practices, you may find them useful.... Answers to Common Security Questions and best Practices Do I need a Registry Cleaner? Take care and surf safe Kevin...
  14. No change from before. Boots into Windows 7 from the HDD, cannot boot into Win7 from the SSD.
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  16. Certainly seems that a rootkit might be causing the problem...
  17. Hello Kris and welcome to Malwarebytes, The issue seems to be be related to MS Edge, can you reset Edge and see if the issue clears.. https://www.howtogeek.com/237527/how-to-reset-microsoft-edge-in-windows-10/ Thank you, Kevin
  18. @exile360 #14 just showed up! Registered yesterday. If they are changing device names they are going to a lot of work. My theory is they have put it on a large number of devices, but the license only allows 3 at a time. So when I started deactivating them, other devices can start to grab one of the 3 devices allowed on the license.
  19. We will need to get @LiquidTension to help you out directly. I say that on 2 counts: This system is a Windows 7 ( which I believe has a current open issue ) & # 2, the MB Support tool is not supposed to be doing any reboot when simply just running the Report ( Gather Logs ) option & is never supposed to be doing anything related to harwdare disc-boot order. For the time being, if this system has any attached printer, fax machine, other external USB drive, unplug all those. As far as the drives, it appears that just the drive letters are different. The SSD went fro
  20. Hi Kevin, thanks so much for all your help, in the end I flat lined the PC as it was long over due and it's all nice and fresh and no more issues, Take care and stay safe
  21. Alright Imma grab something to eat. I'll be back later to do that. Thanks Kevin. I do believe it is a rootkit.
  22. Hello again, I've done some more thinking on these issues and the EULA, and while I still stand by everything I said previously with regards to how it actually works right now, in spite of the official terms as outlined in the EULA, there is no guarantee that these things will remain true and I have to believe that they specify what they do in the EULA for a reason, meaning all of these allowances we've observed for licenses purchases elsewhere, entitlement to future product versions/updates/upgrades and the other issues under contention due to the wording of the EULA are likely going to
  23. Hi Kevin, Could you help me with the same problem? I hopefully attached the right logs for you to help troubleshoot? Thanks, Kris Malvertising.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt AdwCleaner[C02].txt
  24. Oh right sorry. What is the purpose of posting into the forum?
  25. Newegg was an authorized reseller at one time, though I'm not certain when that changed. With regards to any lifetime licenses still being sold, I frankly wouldn't trust them to be legitimate just because it has been so many years since any lifetime keys were issued and I've seen numerous cases where a lifetime key turned out to be pirated.
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