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  2. I still have the same two problems from the start. the analyzes begin but do not end. When they reach the section of analyzing the Windows registry, it suddenly jumps to analyze files at a large amount, it advances a little more and then stops. It is as if analyzing the registry ignores it and there it seems the error. And I keep the anti-malware protection disabled because if not the computer slows down
  3. This will be reviewed and a decision given shortly.
  4. Let me have you run the following please @JFLOCK Post back the log and we'll go on from there. Thanks Ron
  5. That's good news then. Finding, detecting a bad, bogus DNS server can be difficult to track down as you don't see it too often and thus look for malware that may be redirecting. The fix log looks good. I was able to correct some issues including fixing some core operating system files. "Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files and successfully repaired them." How is the computer running now? Are there still any issues?
  6. Hello. My own website has been blocked due to Trojan. I've run multiple scans and wasn't able to find any. Can you help me on removing it from the blacklist? https://woimortal.com
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  8. I tried what @velvet did and changed my DNS to google's and the problem is gone now.
  9. Thanks for saying that, I tried what you did and changed my DNS to google and the problem is gone now.
  10. Kaspersky Total Security 2018 - (i) works perfectly fine with Malwarebytes 3.83 (Premium) Now here's a problem... I would have to look at the versions of Kaspersky and Malwarebytes on my other computer because those two are not getting along at all. That one has the regular Kaspersky antivirus on it and it's the latest version. To fix that issue I did have to disable the ransomware protection in Malwarebytes. I had Bitdefender installed on another computer 2 years ago and it dragged the computer down more than Kaspersky has. I have a unused full year Bitdefender code that I'm not using. While Bitdefender gets a high rating like Kaspersky does I just didn't like it and I have played with it off and on over the years. I keep going back to Kaspersky. I did like Avira at one time, but when they changed things I got away from it. I've been using Kaspersky since 1996 when it was "AVP" (Antiviral Toolkit Pro) ever since the Win CIH aka Chernobyl virus hit.
  11. Hi Matt, any thoughts? Thanks
  12. When you say nothing. The application does not install? The application will not open? The application will not complete a search for updates? The application will not start a scan? The application will not complete a scan? Something else? Thanks
  13. By the way, I thought I'd mention that I only ever changed the owner on the WindowsApps folder, and not any permissions, as you keep implying! Regards.
  14. The Windows Repair All-In-One tool you suggest to use from bleepingcomputers.com is a very technical application, do you not think it would be ill advised to use a tool as complicated as this, just to change the ownership on just "one single" Windows folder?? (WindowsApps folder), I already know how to change the ownership of the WindowsApps folder back to "System", and have done already! I think that to use the Windows Repair All-In-One tool, just to change the WindowsApps folder's ownership back to default (System), just to get Malwarebytes to respond properly when I add a app (.exe) to Play Mode, is maybe a bit on the extreme side, and may do more harm than good!? Again, it's a very technical program, not designed for novices.
  15. Have had same issue, sometimes a program wont start, and if so, trying another ends up same, won't start, like PC comes to a crawl, have to wait awhile. When finally able to open task manager I do see multiple instances of MBAMWsc running with this issue. This has happened on more than one occasion since updating to 4.x, never had the issue before then.
  16. The block will be removed on the next update
  17. But that’s not in dispute. The issue is with the redirect. A trusted site should not be doing things like that and probably should be blocked for that behavior, regardless of whether it also allows the download of a genuine YouTube video.
  18. ***This is an automated reply*** Hi, Thanks for posting in the Malwarebytes for Windows Help forum. If you are having technical issues with our Windows product, please do the following: If you are having licensing issues, please do the following: Thanks in advance for your patience. -The Malwarebytes Forum Team
  19. I just got the update to component package 1.0.750. There is now a tab for accessing the allow list in settings. This is a welcome change. You should see a lot fewer questions like "what happened to the allow list" or "how do I find the allow list". Bill
  20. I haven't had time to play with this any further, and it was working perfectly since my last post (11 days ago). During that time I have made no changes to the settings of MWB, nor any changes to Java or Unifi. The machine has been rebooted for some Windows updates (with no changes to MWB settings), and Nvidia updates, yet Unifi and MWB continued to work in perfect harmony. Throughout that time MWB was on, with inbound protection and exploit protection both ON. Then, with no changes to anything, MWB suddenly this afternoon popped up the "generic" error (as above) and killed Unifi stone dead. Out of the blue! 11 days it worked, including reboots, and then decided to revert to its original behaviour. As described previously, the procedure of switching off Java incoming, disabling exploit protection, killing MWB and then restarting Unifi allowed it to work. Then, as before, I started MWB, re-enabled exploit protection and finally Java incoming, and everything is happy again! There's something really odd about this v4 MWB.
  21. Bitdefender is a highly rated AV just like Kaspersky. I don't know of any compatibility issues with Bitdefender and Malwarebytes and I do know that at least a few users who were experiencing this issue switched to Bitdefender and reported that they had no issues after doing so and that their system performance was greatly improved.
  22. Excellent, I'm glad that you were able to resolve the issue and that I was able to help. Since there were threats on the system I would also recommend making certain the system is clean just to make sure nothing slipped by the scans. To do so, please read and follow the instructions in this topic and then create a new topic in our malware removal area by clicking here and one of our malware removal specialists will assist you in checking the system for any remaining threats and removing them if any are present. If there is anything else we might assist you with please don't hesitate to let us know. Thanks
  23. That was to show you the download but also the FAQ where what you wanted was.
  24. Glad to hear the issue has been resolved @CK-01 I will go ahead and close this topic now. Take care and have a great week Ron
  25. Can you please try downloading the latest build. Install over the top and then reboot and let me know if there is any improvement or not. https://www.malwarebytes.com/mwb-download/thankyou/ Ron
  26. The full, offline, version: http://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb4_offline
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