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  2. Hi Guys, Malwarebytes is still reporting the website www.6pumpcourt.co.uk as a phishing site. I reported this back on the 17th and was told this will be reviewed and that thread was closed. This is now causing major issues for our client. Can this be reviewed ASAP and removed please as this is a false positive! Thanks Matt
  3. Thanks, the block will be reviewed.
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  5. @exile360 Thanks for the reply and your clarification. One can only trust what you share here is true. Or one can leave. Again MB is a great product, from its inception until now. No doubt about that! Its not about the product, but ppl who manages the company and its policy. But I do concur with you - the dishonest fake lic is totally out of control to the point it is affecting the company branding. p/s I see you have a nice rig there :) Mine is just plain old nothing, thus prob more suited to Linux anyway, now that MB is using more and more RAM.
  6. Ron, you are the best. Sorry I forgot to send the Addition.txt file, senior moment . Here it is. Addition.txt
  7. I've been hanging around these forums since before Malwarebytes Anti-Malware even existed (back when the only product they had was RogueRemover) and I was around through the first betas for the original Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware product and actually started working for Malwarebytes as their first QA and eventually became their first Product Manager (I was in charge of all products, including Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware) and I know for a fact that it was always 1 device per license for Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Pro lifetime licenses. They weren't competing with big AVs back then because they always marketed themselves as a complementary solution to be run alongside an active antivirus/IS solution (the layered approach to security) and only began marketing Malwarebytes as an AV replacement with the launch of Malwarebytes 3, and by then they had already gone to a yearly subscription. I think what might be confusing a lot of people is that early on when Malwarebytes first changed over to the yearly subscription model rather than the lifetime license model, they did only offer 1 license for 3 devices (though it was for a yearly fee, obviously, not lifetime) and this was the first time Malwarebytes offered anything other than single device licenses for consumers (business licensing was always handled differently and was always based on yearly subscriptions from the start) and I believe that may be what many users are remembering; either that, or some unscrupulous sellers pushing fake licenses/cracks etc. may have been advertising it as a 3 device per license solution since that was the standard for the big AVs at the time and such scammers would often copy/paste much of their content from one product page to another, only changing the product name, images and pricing as necessary. As for the allowance Malwarebytes made for multiple activations in the past, this was only to avoid blacklisting users' licenses when they moved their key from one device to another or uninstalled/reinstalled the product or reformatted/reinstalled Windows and reinstalled the product afterwards because they didn't have the infrastructure back then to properly enforce their licensing as they do now. This is also why so many fake licenses had worked for such a long time up until recently because Malwarebytes finally put in place full license enforcement alongside license tracking (they always knew which keys were which and could tell by activation numbers which ones were being resold constantly by scammers and this is part of the reason they did the amnesty program back when they first changed over to a yearly subscription because they didn't want to leave all those users out in the cold, especially since many of them didn't realize they were using pirated/fake license keys). Today Malwarebytes has a much more robust licensing solution in place that enables them to track not just the keys and users as they did previously, but also to identify specifically each device a license is active on where before they could only see the number of times a license was activated (and they couldn't see where it was still active only that it had been at some point; another reason they were so lax on enforcement back then). Now they've got all their ducks in a row and are keeping track of things accurately and so they are now able to confidently enforce their licensing/number of devices properly. By the way, I can speak from first-hand experience having been in a high position at Malwarebytes for close to 8 years, including throughout their largest growth periods leading up to the release of Malwarebytes 3 (as well as for a while afterwards), and I can say with 100% certainty that Malwarebytes was never in any kind of financial trouble or at risk for going out of business. They have only grown since the company was first established (they had around maybe 40 employees when I first started with the company and by the time I left they had hundreds with offices on several continents and multiple offices in their home country of the United States). They are still growing and all these changes and improvements (including the new My Account web portal and the improved license validation/tracking systems) are clear indicators of that, not to mention the fact that they have been able to turn down every offer they've received from many of the big AVs and other companies trying to buy them out. They are still a privately owned company and they aren't hurting for business as far as I can tell based on how they continue to expand their product portfolio and improve their existing offerings. These current issues with license validation are just the last remnant of the past licensing system, but once everyone gets their keys set up and fully activated in the current licensing system and My Account portal, dealing with license activation/deactivation will be much easier (I speak from first-hand experience having several lifetime licenses of my own which I too had to contact Malwarebytes Support to get tied to my My.Malwarebytes.com account, but now that they are I can see each license and device it is installed on and can easily deactivate it from there to move it to a new device or OS installation).
  8. I did some reading on the GameAnalytics website and as far as I can tell it only really provides data from within the games that use it so it's not as extensive as say Google or Facebook that track you across most of the websites you visit (even beyond sites they own/are affiliated with) or MS Windows 10 that tracks pretty much everything (by default at least; it's actually kind of scary just how far Microsoft has gone in the pursuit of big data in their attempts to keep up with/imitate Google). Generally what it boils down to are a few things for deciding whether or not Malwarebytes will detect something as PUP. First, does it exhibit known PUP behaviors? That one is a fine line as collecting standard customer metrics/data, crash reports and program interaction info isn't necessarily classified as PUP behavior and is pretty typical for virtually all applications these days (though some would argue that it's become a bit excessive over the past few years). Second, and often most significantly, is it being complained about by most users (not just a vocal minority; something that it can be difficult to discern unless you do extensive research)? That second one is often more significant because the 'U' in PUP stands for Unwanted, so if most users aren't aware of or don't really care about this little added bundle of telemetry consuming/reporting joy, then Malwarebytes probably won't target it, especially if doing so would do more harm than good (for example causing users' games to stop functioning properly/at all). There are obviously more criteria, but those two are likely the most applicable in this case. I don't *think* Malwarebytes will classify it as PUP, but of course that's just my opinion and the Malwarebytes Research team may see it differently; it all depends on what they find in their own investigations and how this telemetry tool compares to the telemetry collection functions in other software/games/devices etc. Just based on what I read, it really doesn't look like it collects much more than a typical first-party telemetry tool built into any game or application would (including Steam, for example, or even Malwarebytes itself if telemetry collection isn't disabled by the user) but I'm not an expert on this particular tool/company either so public opinion may differ.
  9. Just some rant here - If you are on Windows 7 as well... consider switching to Linux - You will kill 2 birds with one stone. No more the Anti-Malware need on your OS and everything is pretty much FREE there!!! sadly MB, under the new management, seem to have forgotten their humble roots when they nearly went under several times... it seems. The time will come when all the FANGS goes under or force to modify drasticaly down - what is left then on western-platform??? MB?! And the fact, if MB did allow, more than one device connected, they themselves has already breach their policy, giving the customer the 'comfort' of using in on multiple device. Yet, to date, I have yet heard from MB, to prove the lifetime deal was indeed, 1 lic for 1 device Somehow I remember it as 1 lic for 3 device, which was very common back then, and MB was competing to the BIG AVs, how would they offer a lesser deal? But not proof from me... or them. Does anyone still have a copy or screen shot of the ad sale they offer back then? I am very grateful for all the service MB has offered and glad to see MB doing well but this sudden and unannounce 'pulling the carpet under your first-base loyal customer's feet' is **** MB was the one who allow the 'breach of policy' and now if they want to correct it, the mistake they committ onto themselves, they should at least give the customer warning and time to switch to something else Or MB can offer something of equivalent... they have already sown some very bad seeds here... Just my 2c here... anyhow I am closer to Full and ONLY Linux every day now... even if I have a MB lifetime lucky deal... one more reason for me to leave the old school amangement-policy behind... sadly What if MB decide to unofficially terminate the lifetime lic as well?! They won't? Why not? they are a honourable business? How do you know?! These has happened in other company product as well - no company, once they grown to stable and profitable, likes lifetime deal... and left-over old-unprofitable customers Do consider the longer term implications... Just some rant here -
  10. Hello, I hope I am posting this correctly and I am hoping that I can get some help on a problem I am having. I noticed yesterday that I was not able to open my command prompt at all, even in safe mode. I ran a scan with Malwarebytes (free version) to see if anything came up, as I have used it before and had good results. Some stuff did pop up that I didn't recognized, and I proceeded to remove the threats. Everything seemed fine, and i was able to use the command prompt. After rebooting, my computer loaded windows and logged into my user account, but had a black screen and a command prompt box saying sys32. I figured out that explorer.exe was not running on startup. Every time I reboot, I have to enter "explorer.exe" to launch it and everything works after that. I ran another Malwarebytes scan to see if anything is found. Nothing new other than the 3 items I had left before. This second scan is attached. I went through the forums to see if I could find a solution. I found a very similar post mentioning a registry entry. I have followed the instructions on that post and attached some relevant files in case I might be able to get some help. Anything that could be recommended would be greatly appreciated. I am really hoping not to have to re-install my operating system. MBAM results 2.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  11. Is there a public link you can give me or send me a private message with a link that I can try?
  12. So with Trend removed from the PC is the site still saying you're not allowed?
  13. I'm not sure which device is causing the "ban". I use both devices quite frequently to make extra income and the only information that I receive from them is that my account is being flagged by their security software for using a VPN/proxy that is designated as Amazon or Amazon.com. I will say that after removing Trend and the steps earlier, the page loads are faster. Is it easier to work on one device at a time, or PC and Mobile simultaneously with different admins. You're the experts and I defer to you.
  14. Recently, the popular video game "Garry's Mod," in a controversial move, added GameAnalytics, specifically the DLL with the hash described at https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/2ff3aee1fbe1dbc242aec3211c8d89bd08dcd075372410a9dad4b6492a6f9b91/detection. Can GameAnalytics be considered spyware or is it just one of those uproars that is much ado about nothing?
  15. I can help you with the PC Computer but if you're having issues with the mobile product on Android then it's best I have someone from the mobile team assist you.
  16. At least against OSX / Linker (the malware that used the vulnerability) we are protected by GateKeeper version 170 released on 06/25/2019 If you want to read this article (I'm sorry it's only in Italian)
  17. The problem remains zero day / unknown malware
  18. Hi Espilman No, as long as the user is helpful and respectful and not rude I'm more than willing to continue helping out. Do you have the Additions.txt log file from the new run? If not please run FRST again and make sure to check to get an Additions.txt log Thanks
  19. Help i am not sure about this application, i feel like it could harm my computer anytime because it dont have produce name/version and it is not copyrighted, i feel like it was placed by malware and it should be removed.
  20. Simply disable the Malwarebytes extension until whitelisted temporarily and re-enable it after you are finished.
  21. ***This is an automated reply*** Hi, Thanks for posting in the AdwCleaner Help forum. Someone will reply shortly, but in the meantime here are a few resources which may help resolve your issue: AdwCleaner user guide A malicious element isn't being detected? Submit the sample here! Need help with another Malwarebytes product or malware removal? Click here for home support Click here for business support Click here for malware removal help Thanks in advance for your patience. -The Malwarebytes Forum Team
  22. I keep getting this Pup.Optional.SofTonicAssistant and it keeps coming up through HKCU\Software\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\AppContainer\Storage\microsoft.microsoftedge_8wekyb3d8bbwe\Children\001\Internet Explorer . I have never used internet explorer or microsoft edge before on this computer besides to download google chrome.
  23. Hello @PDS: Are you still with us?
  24. I have uninstalled Trend Micro at this point and am using Windows Defender. I believe that I was able to follow Miekiemoes steps on my desktop. I noticed today that my mobile Edge browser was bouncing my location around the United States and I frequently access the consumer survey site through my smart phone throughout the day. I have used the Mobile Malwarebytes and it has never found an issue, however I can't seem to find a log to export. I'm not sure how to resolve/alter mobile settings to remedy this. I have removed Edge at this time and reset my phone. I will work on attempting to access the survey site, and report my outcome.
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