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  2. See syslogd. The syslogd server receives and processes log messages.
  3. Thank you for your assistance! Addition.txtFRST.txt
  4. I have been using Malwarebytes and Zonealarm Antivirus and firewall for years,without conlflict. However,i dont think its a good idea to run MB and ZA anti ransomeware at the same time,might causing issues. Can you(or any other) please provide me with some links showing test results which one stands up against ransomware best? At Youtube there a few years old videos,showing MB failure. The same goes for ZA. No new videos showing actual up to date testings.
  5. Hey, I used malwarebytes to scan my computer and it detected some threats but my computer still has a virus in it. I do not know what to do and have no idea how to get rid of this. Please Help
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  7. There are many sites that test malware programs, I have seen very few tests where Zone Alarm was tested. However, Malwarebytes and Zone Alarm are two different types of products that protect if different ways, you should be able to run both at the same time as Malwarebytes is compatible with almost all anti-virus solutions. Look for issues, if any arise I would try turning off the anti-ransomware protection in Zone Alarm as I believe Malwarebytes is a superior solution.
  8. Ha, that screenshot brings back some memories.
  9. Just for clarification, I click "scan" then "go" ? after the scan fixlist.txt is completed. It appears it made an addition.txt From looking at the fix log some kind of error was given at the bottom. Addition.txt Fixlog.txt
  10. sorry for the delay, site is now part of whitelist
  11. Also, I would change all of your passwords that use that password to be safe.
  12. I am pretty sure this email is not a virus or malware. I received the exact same email but it was a password for something from a super old account. I don't even have a webcam. Almost every email has been compromised at one point or another, depending on how many websites you sign up for or places you shop online. Sometimes your passwords get spread around on the internet. These email scams use that old information to scare you into thinking you're actually infected and try to blackmail you. Here's a website with information on companies / websites that have been breached and if your email has been affected:https://haveibeenpwned.com/ If you've received the exact same email, it would have been tied to the same Bitcoin address (but perhaps there are variations). Here's a link to Bitcoin Abuse database that shows the scammer has tried this scam multiple times: https://www.bitcoinabuse.com/reports/1GAdm1HyyN9mAdx7j9WzfJyFtiiWbHNirF I wouldn't worry about it, but it's always good to make sure you run a scan on your PC every once in a while.
  13. I have Malwarebytes Premium,in which Anti-ransomware protection are included. I use Zone Alarm as antivirus and firewall,and in the latest release, Zone Alarm included their own anti-ransomware for free. Which one of these two are the best? Is there indepentent tests performed proving which Product which is the best? One can not use two anti-ransomware at the same time,causing conflict as i understand.
  14. Hello Bingo321, I got the same email and am kinda nervous now. I looked through the running processes now but couldn't find the two programs you wrote about. Is there any other way of finding the source of the malware and deleting it? How would you delete it anyways?
  15. followed up with my client, to see if they can send me their protection log so that I can forward it here on to you. brb
  16. Hello, My first question: Can you confirm that you uninstalled and did a brand new install for Chrome just like I listed in post # 16 ? Question # 2: Are you reporting that the Run DLL error happens even when you open any folder using Windows File Explorer ? Please just reply to all that along with the next report. That is to say, do the report below and provide all in one single reply. There is no need to rush. No need to do multiple replies in a row. Take your time and gather all .....before pressing Submit. The report tool FRSTENGLISH is on the Downloads folder. We will use that to do a search & then you will send me the report, after that. Use Windows File Explorer and go to the Downloads folder Start FRSTENGLISH by double clicking it. Type the following into the search box exactly as show then press the Search Files button SearchAll: vccorelib141vxd Please wait while the program searches for all entries relating to this program, when done a search.txt log will be saved to the desktop. Please attach this log to your next reply.
  17. Hello, Can you please post your protection log.
  18. I May be old in the tooth but have been here since the ZX81 and Commodore 16......love to keep up to date and reinvent my skillset over and over...60 now and still enjoying it.....

    .considering working towards becoming an ethical hacker....



  19. https://www.saintjosephchurch.us/ IP address
  20. Please fix the following domain pixifi .com my client went to pay an invoice hxxps://invoices.pixifi.com/e871bd163c5319ee and they're getting a "Phishing link detected" error. Please fix this immediately, Pixifi is a Saas webapp, not a phishing website.
  21. Hi, please update the MBAM database and restart the systems affected, these blocks should not be recurring afterward, thanks for your patience.
  22. Can you review the domain https://www.saintjosephchurch.us/ ? We believe the site is okay. Thank you.
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