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  2. Greetings, The Malwarebytes browser extension beta should work on mobile operating systems as long as the browser is compatible. You can learn more about it and find download links in the topics listed below: Chrome Firefox Also, specifically with regards to mobile operating systems, Malwarebytes does currently offer a version of its flagship product, Malwarebytes, both for Android and iOS depending on which operating system/type of smart phone you have. You can learn more about each version here and here and just like with the Windows version, aside from malware, Malwarebytes for mobile also specializes in targeting and preventing PUPs (adware, spyware and similar junk) much like ADWCleaner does. I hope that helps clarify things and if there is anything else we might assist you with please don't hesitate to let us know. Thanks
  3. Hello, I live in Spain and the apple store tells me your app is not disponible in my country do you have an alternative?
  4. Greetings, While that definitely sounds odd, it could just be a matter of one of the default Windows behaviors occurring whenever a new storage device (like the card reader built into the printer) is plugged into the computer. I believe by default that Windows Media Player is configured for several autoplay functions related to removable media/devices like looking for and importing automatically any music and video files that might be present on those storage devices, so Windows may simply be monitoring and calling for that function in Windows Media player whenever those devices are added to or removed from the PC which causes the Windows Media Player process to execute in memory, thus causing Malwarebytes to display this message since Windows Media Player is one of the default shielded applications that it will inject its anti-exploit DLL into for the purpose of monitoring for malicious exploit activity and behaviors. In fact, I bet if you monitored Task Manager when attaching/removing your printer, that you'd see one of Windows Media Player's processes enter memory briefly each time that occurs (it will most likely start with wmp if you sort the list of processes by name). I hope that answers your question, but if not please let us know, and if there's anything else we might assist you with please don't hesitate to post again. Thanks
  5. ***This is an automated reply*** Hi, Thanks for posting in the AdwCleaner Help forum. Someone will reply shortly, but in the meantime here are a few resources which may help resolve your issue: AdwCleaner user guide A malicious element isn't being detected? Submit the sample here! Need help with another Malwarebytes product or malware removal? Click here for home support Click here for business support Click here for malware removal help Thanks in advance for your patience. -The Malwarebytes Forum Team
  6. I am very new with (a smart) cell phone. I take it from the link that was provided from staff at the start of this forum that drives one to the full promotion for adwcleaner that it was not started with mobile in mind and there is nothing that refers to cell phones. Now, with my first, new smart phone, I am plagued....just plagued with crap getting in my way as I struggle up the learning curve, which just confuses me in my effort to get where I want and when there, sometimes have unwanted in the way. I actually had d/l adwcleaner just a short while ago and then choose an app to go find it. I clicked on adwcleaner and had multiple choices to open it. I choose GooglePlay not knowing which was best. It could not open it. IT WAS THEN that I woke up with the thought adwcleaner is not going to facilitate the execution and probably none will. That is when I recalled the link that staff provided .... FAQ.... which is where I found no reference to cell phones. QUESTION: Doe the malwarebites browser extension calculate to be the best possible for the phone, or is it not mobile available ? Thank you in advance for your suggestions !
  7. Hello @Nazim and Please try to run the following and post back the logs. Thank you Ron
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  9. Recently I installed MBAE on my Vista 32bit. I could say , it worked well until now. But whenever I power on my printer, it says "Windows Media Player is now protected". Same notification also appears when I power it off. It's a Brother printer with built-in card readers. Is that a correct behaviour?
  10. This morning Malwarebytes ran automatically on start up and found 5 threats. Quarantine resulted in only 1 file being removed, 4 failed. Log attached. Malwarebytes Report Scan 4 items not removed.txt
  11. Then not much I can do at this point except wait for justice to find them, and hope the unlock keys are done, then.
  12. Glad you solved part of the mystery. I'd advise you to wait for the staff to come to work in a few hours as they will undoubtedly want to try and figure out why you are seeing these anomaly’s. I suspect they will want you download and run a diagnostic program and submit the results outside of this discussion as it is likely to contain information best not publicly posted.
  13. The folders also say there are zero bytes
  14. This can be understood by only white hack hacker and those who have good knowledge in scanning, itunes error 0xe80000a helped me to get all the possible solution to prevent these issues.
  15. I found ApplePushService and com.apple.TCC which say I don't have permission to access even though I am the admin
  16. There are three Library folders. Are you sure you looked in the correct one. There is /System/Library, but it's heavily protected, so unlikely to be there. There is /Library which requires an admin password to modify, so possible, but relatively low probability. Then there is /Users/<YourUserName>/Library which is sometimes invisible. Best way to get there is to click on the Go menu in Finder and select Library.
  17. Thanks. You can go ahead and run Autoruns again and re-enable those two items by checking the checkbox next each one and they'll load normally the next time your start your system. As for the continuing issue with Malwarebytes not activating, I'm not certain but I suspect either something is blocking the connection or it may be a problem with it not validating its security certificate correctly. Either way I'll request that a member of the Support team take a look and assist. @AdvancedSetup or @LiquidTension could one of you please take a look and assist? Thanks One of the Malwarebytes Support team members should be along soon to assist and hopefully get this issue resolved. Thank you for your continued patience. Hopefully resolving this issue won't take long.
  18. I disabled the two Bonjour entries in Autoruns, restarted the computer, and confirmed the entries were still disabled. I installed the newest version of Malwarebytes and attempted to activate my license. Unfortunately, I got the same two error messages.
  19. App Block runner on top righthand top of screen only disappeared for a day and now every time I start up it comes back. Ran scan and no quarantine shows up, report says app is in Library, looked not there. I can close it for a second to access the new window tab or other tab. What can I do to stop this? Is it a feature? When I click on learn more it does not tell me what to do. The report said it is in the library on April 15, it doesn't give me that info now. Do I uninstall and reinstall Malwarebytes or what, I have version 3.7. It is really annoying, is this a feature, infection, what?!
  20. I did a scan and everything was clean. There were no quarantines. When I restarted twice it finally went away. But the App Block needs working on.
  21. Thanks. The only item I see that might be causing it would be the entries for Bonjour: mdnsNSP Bonjour Namespace Provider (Verified) Apple Inc. c:\program files (x86)\bonjour\mdnsnsp.dll 8/31/2011 12:44 AM 0/67 mdnsNSP Bonjour Namespace Provider (Verified) Apple Inc. c:\program files\bonjour\mdnsnsp.dll 8/31/2011 12:53 AM 0/65 Please run Autoruns again and navigate to the Winsock Providers tab and uncheck the box next to each of those items and restart your system then check to see if Malwarebytes is able to update and activate properly and let us know how it goes. Thanks
  22. I have a question treed. Okay I have my numbers in contacts and we will use this for an example. CVS Stores is listed in contacts and I get an SMS text 123-456. Do I add that in the CVS contact list? Keep in mind that this is just an example and do I need to add those to all contacts that I receive those SMS messages from? Stores, banks, etc.. Oh at the keep in mind the contact number is 1-234-567-8900 Cheers
  23. Ah, no problem. I believe this is the topic you were looking for. Hopefully they'll be able to resolve the problem for you.
  24. I am not using a VPN or proxy. Logs are attached. DESKTOP-EGI49CP.zip
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