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  2. See how Firefox behaves from this point forward. Having 3 browser guards is probably too many. Do not do anything as regards to port 80. Otherwise you would put your browsers at risk of not working properly. Port 80 is one of the most commonly used port numbers in the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) suite. Any Web/HTTP client, such as a Web browser, uses port 80 to send and receive requested Web pages. . For the I P addresses that have been listed in the Block events by Malwarebytes: You can block one or more IP addresses in the Windows 10' Windows Firewall Se
  3. AdvancedSet up Staff: WOW, looks like .... we .... brought this PC situation back to normal! YES. Thank you so much for your guidance and technical capability to resolve this pretty much nasty situation. I will run the patchmypc updater program. You have brought, "sunshine on a cloudy thanksgiving day in Minnesota!" Promise to keep my eye on the ball and will make sure i know who i am dealing with on the network when it comes to downloads! I consider this "situation" closed, whew! Regards, Softball
  4. Hi, I just tried to reproduce and couldn't get it detected.
  5. Release version of UWP program I built Expenses.zip d341dd06-2ffe-11eb-8f02-dca266298818.zip
  6. Thanks for the update, just going over your FRST logs now. Back shortly....
  7. Hey again I Cleaned it with ESET right after I posted and that was probably the 3rd time today that I cleaned it. I've used both Malwarebytes and ESET to clean it but it still comes back. thank you for the quick reply
  8. The site has not been whitelisted yet. I had over 92 clients still complaining about it.
  9. Hi Kevin, did any of the logs state anything abnormal or suspicious? or is nothing unusual detected for all of them? and as far as the systems concerned.. so far there is no remaining issues? its just been a cycle of that malicious file appearing and me deleting it with malwarebyte (as kaspersky does not pin it as malicious). And the file did not really pose any visible issues to begin with as far as i know, but since its flagged as a malware i wished to remove it completely if possible as i dont know what else is going on with it. That being said.. if it does appear again for some
  10. Hiya UhSilo, Malwarebytes log shows No Action by User against Trojan.Agent, C:\WINDOWS\EXPLORE.EXE is that correct...? Thank you, Kevin...
  11. Thank you for the Adwcleaner report. I would suggest a free scan with the ESET Online Scanner Go to https://download.eset.com/com/eset/tools/online_scanner/latest/esetonlinescanner.exe It will start a download of "esetonlinescanner.exe" Save the file to your system, such as the Downloads folder, or else to the Desktop. Go to the saved file, and double click it to get it started. When presented with the initial ESET options, click on "Computer Scan". Next, when prompted by Windows, allow it to start by clicking Yes When prompted for scan type, Click on Full scan
  12. Hiya Matfra, Yes Malwaebytes is a great forum for help with PC`s, feel free to comeback anytime you need further assistance... Regards, Kevin..
  13. Today
  14. Hiya ajitama, Thanks for the update and logs. If the streaks have not returned there is no need to run Vew, that was just to check event viewer for possible related events... What is the current status of your system, any remaining issues or concerns..? Thank you, Kevin..
  15. Hi @sky_and_sea, Yes, that is us! You just happened to find the secret key combo to open our Ransomware remover. This feature is used in the case you really did have ransomware and your device was locked by it. We are able to circumvent the ransomware and be able to remove it with this feature. Of course, you don't really have ransomware, so you can just ignore. Nathan
  16. Hello Kevin, for me it can be closed, if nothing happens I'll follow the clean up procedure you posted yesterday and hope that I never see it again, thank you for all your help, I'll definitely come here if something else happens to my pc. Goodbye for now, and thank you again.
  17. the content requested to delete were https://app.evipes.com/s/AVO2RPY?ref=UTVKCAOMPP ==> https://kennyhealth.com/isso-9001/# https://app.evipes.com/cp/HF35GOD ==> https://saudebemestar.info/adv/isso-9001/# https://app.evipes.com/sp/KFUTX4B ==> https://oglobo-sociedade.com/medico-revela-como-homens-comuns-estao-conseguindo-aumentar.html these were removed.
  18. Hiya Matfra, Thanks for the update, let me know if you are happy to close or if you require further assistance... Thank you, Kevin
  19. Hiya Landets, If you have blocked the IP`s and Port numbers you should be ok, obviously you can continue doing that until the sniffers eventually give up and move on to another target. I strongly advise that you install the Malwarebytes Browser Guards for Chrome and Firefox, they are free and do give a good layer of protection. Let me know if you are ok with your system or if you feel that more needs to be done... Thank you, Kevin....
  20. The block will stay as your other links are active. - what links? Sorry, but is impossible validate all suspect links. As I spoke before, the content is inserted by users. We arent responsible by contents. This is only checked when reported. This is nonsense by malwarebytes system.
  21. Hi there, this is what I am getting when I try to access my site
  22. The block will stay as your other links are active. Until you remove them all, we are unable to unblock your domain. And yes, we are blocking app.monetizze[.]com.
  23. I was watching Netflix on my phone and I feel like I went to adjust my volume or something when a strange "Malwarebytes" screen showed up on my device. I panicked and didn't take a screenshot, but it basically looked like the image I attached, which I managed to find via a Google image search, but wasn't able to pull up anything with anyone mentioning it. On my phone the font wasn't this weird one, so I'm guessing it's the system font. I stupidly pressed "close" and it did seem to, but now I am panicking that my device is compromised. I ran scans immediately after and neither malware
  24. It's a pleasure! The update should be out in an hour or so.
  25. Hello Maurice, you may call me Hutzpah I have firefox and have added the malwarebytes now, currently have ABP (adblock plus), uBlock origin and now your version as well. ( added to edge aswell) Windows Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is set to off - and has been always I have change firefox notification settings to "Block new requests asking to allow notifications" (edge aswell) Would you recomend setting up a new rule in my windows fire wall? Prehaps for port 80 or a specific IP? And if so, how would i do so correctly? Best regards Hutzpah
  26. Hi Kevin, I done all the steps mentioned above besides VEW. theres been no signs of white streaks so far but I cant run VEW right now as it says it is not coded for my current computer language (i am not using English). should i change it and try running it again? Fixlog.txt MWBscannew.txt
  27. My TV listing magazine manages its subscriptions online at hxxp://www.buysubscriptions.com I have just tried to login but recveive a Browser Guard warning - Website blocked due to trojan Website blocked: www.buysubscriptions.com Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocked this website because it may contain malware activity. We strongly recommend you do not continue. This should be a legitimate site, though of course may have been hijacked Can you advise please? I cannot find this event in the MBAM logs - I am on version 4.2.3 and
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