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  2. So, I have just found out my iphone was used at 7pm last night to make a purchase from the online Adidas store here in the UK. Now this could not be as it was sitting next to me on my desk as i used my macbook to make music at that time. How do i know it was the iphone that made the purchase? After I noticed a £53 transaction on my bank account today from yesterday which i never placed, I called my banks fraud team who proceeded to tell me my iphone device was used to make the order online, using my debit card *(which was not attached to apple pay on my iphone, it is not stored anywhere as it has been a new card i got at the beginning of the month) The only thing that links or relates to this transaction last night is two prior online payment confirmations from two seperate credit card apps. eg. Log into App, click make payment, select amount then the app sends me to Safari browser on iphone to enter my 3 digit CVV code to make the payment outside of the app. I did this twice (two seperate credit card apps) and the fraud team confirmed these two transactions were the ones that show it was my iphone which made this fraudulent transaction last night as the same device ID was used.... impossible!!!! How can this be when it was sitting next to me? is my iphone compromised? Has it been cloned? How did they get both my new card details AND my iphone device id?
  3. I like Zero (that's the robot's name), personally. I think he makes Malwarebytes stand out more, especially these days where nearly every app (including security apps) look virtually identical with flat, featureless UIs and solid color controls with no dimension, shading or gradients, and with tons of blank space making them look more like boring websites than applications (I know this is by design and is precisely the look they're all going for because 'modern' and 'cloud' and 'mobile' and 'scaling', but as a design language I personally think it just sucks and it's too often hard to tell the difference between information in such UIs and their controls, but maybe that's just me). In contrast, having Zero there breaks things up a bit and adds a little flavor and style to it without obstructing the flow or usability of the application/UI and I personally find it reassuring seeing him standing there like a silent sentry guarding my system against any would-be threats and attackers. His appearance on the Dashboard is very muted and low-key and I think it works fine and helps communicate the purpose of Malwarebytes to use advanced future-looking technology to provide powerful defense against online threats (the clouds obviously represent the web, the domed city represents our systems, and Zero standing, shield in hand, represents Malwarebytes standing guard with his thumb raised to reassure us that everything is good because he's got our backs).
  4. Something must have changed in the Web Protection component because for the first time ever, when Web Protection is active I cannot access the internet if DNSCrypt is enabled (I have my DNS server address set to as I always have for DNSCrypt). This just cropped up with the latest beta, 4.0.1; I had no issues with 4.0.0 or any previous version of Malwarebytes. To test, install SImple DNSCrypt and enable it for your network adapter(s) and verify for your IPv4 properties for your network connections that the Use the following DNS server address: option is set to NOTE: Do NOT try this without DNSCrypt installed/active or you won't have internet access, because normally is the loopback address, however because of the way that Simple DNSCrypt installs its service as a local DNS server, it uses this address to capture all DNS requests accordingly. You can find the latest build of Simple DNSCrypt here for QA testing and verification of this issue. I'm running Windows 7 x64 SP1 fully patched, though I doubt it matters as it appears to simply be an issue with the use of the loopback address as your DNS server address because if I either disable the address as my DNS server address or disable Web Protection in Malwarebytes, my internet starts working immediately. As soon as I have both enabled there is no internet access.
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  6. Malwarebytes detect Zemana anti-malware as Malware and it got it Automatically Quarantined Malwarebytes www.malwarebytes.com -Log Details- Protection Event Date: 8/24/19 Protection Event Time: 6:02 PM Log File: 3be54dd2-c680-11e9-9925-80c5f246c586.json -Software Information- Version: Components Version: 1.0.658 Update Package Version: 1.0.12603 License: Trial -Blocked Malware Details- File: 1 Malware.Generic.1565942354, C:\Program Files (x86)\Zemana\AntiMalware\AntiMalware.exe, Quarantined, 1000000, 0, 1.0.12603 (end)
  7. Hi Thank you very much for your infos I will test it With best Regards Delphin136
  8. @LiquidTension Here are the files you requested. mbsetup.log mbamiservice.log
  9. Kudo's to the designers that work hard on the new GUI. Some like it and some don't, can't satisfy everyone. To me it's what's under the hood that counts.
  10. Yeah, that's why I specifically stated that it doesn't mitigate the above problem.
  11. Scanning is one thing, I want Defender ACTIVE as well. My experience is that Defender catches things in real time that MB does not. As much as I love MB over the last 10 years, I am not ready to rely on just MB to protect my computer sand my clients computers to just MB being active. Can you say layered protection?
  12. any one can say something about witch Prodech ı have to get for protech my self for crypto virus. I use ISCSI server Thank you
  13. First off, I agree, as well, in that the disabled Defender needs to be made more clear. Furthermore, if you enable other settings in MB 4 like delayed startup, you also get warnings out the wazoo in WinX that you don't have an AV program set up, and that can take a while before it finally stops nagging you. Plus, those who install MB 4 but do not plan to use it as the main av / don't upgrade to premium will get similar nags every time when you close out of MB 4, as well, before Defender kicks back in. At the very least, this should not happen automatically unless the user upgrades to premium, and then (ideally), only after *asking* the user if they want this. ---------- As an aside: When initially testing the ẞeta, I found that there is a setting (at least on 1903 and newer) in Windows Security that allows you to enable Defender for what M$ calls 'occasional scanning" - IN WinX, go to Settings --> Update and Security --> Windows Security (in the left navigation field) --> click on Open Windows Security button (opens the Windows Security app) --> select Virus and threat protection from left nav field --> click on Microsoft Defender Antivirus options and then enable that Periodic scanning (you should get a UAC warning, depending upon your settings). But this does not in any way mitigate the above problem, it's just something that you can enable if you have MB 4 Premium to have Defender and MB 4 have each others back. For those wanting a shorter way, if you have the Defender icon in your system tray, double click it, and it takes you directly to the Windows Security app. Then you can proceed as above.
  14. Ok thanks I will try this next week. How do I know what bit I have 64 or 32? Cheers
  15. I just download the newest beta version 4.0.1 and it catching some of False positive files . fp_tracker_2019-08-24_Forum_8e9e3b52-c675-11e9-ac8e-80c5f246c586.zip
  16. Seriously, robot looks like from the Japanese anime series of the 60's and 70's. This is the 21st century! Robert
  17. I use this program and had a previous problem with it in this post which was resolved. Now under it doesn't even run and gets quarantined automatically. fp_tracker_2019-08-24_Forum_95867f9c-c67a-11e9-a97c-7824af42091f.zip
  18. Hello, just an update. I was able to remove Segurazo by uninstalling Malwarebytes and then attempting to uninstall Segurazo again. I then reinstalled Malwarebytes and ran another full can, which resulted in over 2,000 threats (compared to the original > 13,000). Those threats were all quarantined. I have attached the log from that scan here.Scan 3.txt
  19. Come on guys. What's with the cartoon figures? Just leave it blank like the other tabs. Otherwise, looks good...clean and concise. Also, like MB promised sooooo long ago, to allow the users to clear history. Do not see it from the screenshots. I have to do it manually. "Simple Elegance" Robert
  20. @RubbeR DuckY, what are you thinking??
  21. Thanks @Gt-truth, but no this does not help at all. The new GUI aside from the robot is fine, but including the robot makes the whole program look like a kids toy and not a serious anti-malware removal tool. If MalwareBytes want to be taken seriously by adults then the robot should go.
  22. Yes, Either wait out the trial or deactivate the trial see below.
  23. H aill Is the Free Version of MBAM 4 beta available, too With best Regards Delphin136
  24. By the way, I am trying to run MB beta 4 as admin....refuses to start. Going back to 383 so I have protection.
  25. @Krusty this is not a problem with the new GUI for the new release of MBv4beta . I myself I like the new GUI of the MB version 4 beta and if you look at the Malwarebytes’s website then you’ll see the almost the same and I like this on MB website too and the Malwarebytes designer team are still working hard on the GUI . hope this to helps
  26. I have to agree. I did not even notice Defender was off till I read this post and checked. That needs to be addressed right away. I have 100's clients who who rely on the Defender/Malwarebytes combo with Windows 10.
  27. Installed Beta over top version 3.8.3. The beta opened after install. Enable Enhanced Event Log Data and rebooted. Following error appeared after reboot. Event viewer shows 2 errors relating to MB. The beta 4 refuses to launch showing error "Unable to connect to service". I will PM you the mbst-grab-results.zip
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