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  2. Also, once FRST reset the PC and I let it boot normally, FRST did not repoen or anything.
  3. I would also like to let you know that I didn't save the fixlist.txt file to my desktop but to my usb and ran it there, should I trying again but this time save fixlist.txt and FRST to the desktop?
  4. I recall Malwarebytes had the same issue a while back with an earlier Windows 10 build that was later fixed. I assume that this issue will be addressed by the time the new build goes RTM assuming MS doesn't address whatever change was made on their end if they had a hand in the issue. Hopefully the logs will provide whatever info the Devs might need to fix it if necessary. I just hope it's not something silly like Defender detecting that Malwarebytes is being installed and automatically turning it off on their end regardless of the setting in Malwarebytes/the installer.
  5. would it restore all the features and settings when I restart the computer?
  6. The problem is not solved. I had a 183 Gigabytes free last night, but that quickly dropped to 182 Gigabytes and continued to drop. I was doing nothing on the machine except watching it drop. I then shutdown the machine. Today, I turned it back on and after about an hour and a half, it is down to 175 Gigabytes free and I've done nothing on the machine. Is there anything else you can do to help me get rid of whatever is chewing up my hard drive space? If I were to leave it on for a few days, all of that free space would be gone again. Do you have anything that can check for rootkits or polymorphic or armored viruses?
  7. AdwCleaner[S01].txtAdwCleaner[C01].txt
  8. I can confirm that when MB is installed on 1903 it will turn off Defender until the never register function is ticked in MB and a few seconds Defender will come back on. I will get logs when I do one again.
  9. You can also post on the MS Office forums here if you prefer that, and hopefully someone from the Microsoft team who actually knows about what that process does will see it and respond.
  10. That is the support page for MS Office. Once you put the details in and click on the 'Get Help' button it presents you with more options. It also prompts you to sign in with your Microsoft account so they'll most likely contact you via email. They might also have a live chat option but I'm not sure.
  11. Would you like me to get logs for Kaspersky or Windows Defender? I'm not sure how to do either, sorry. Also, Kaspersky is still scanning.
  12. Today
  13. I'm heading home but will check back and give further advice in a couple hours if possible or later tonight. Thanks
  14. Okay, please try to get the logs if you can, if not maybe take a picture with your phone to share if need.
  15. Thank you, the antivirus you provided is still scanning finals but it says it did detect 1 object and also while running the antivirus windows defender popped up and said it detected a couple threats. Names of them are Trojan:Win32/Occamy.C, Trojan:Win32/SquareNet.Q, and Trojan:Win64/Detrahere.S
  16. Heading home, will check back on you again in a couple hours though
  17. Here is the ADW text. Apparently it didn't find anything, but I did the basic repair anyway. Attached are the FRST files. Also the Malwarebytes I ran before - and I do have Malwarebytes 3. I'm aware that TeamViewer is open, as a friend is walking me thru the process. It did seem to start up a little faster when I rebooted between steps 2 & 3. But still dragging after the desktop icons appear, when trying to open any program. Craig W. Addition.txt FRST.txt MW 4-25-19.txt
  18. Hello @distramseless and To your next reply to this topic, please attach the following latest files from the computer in question: C:\AdwCleaner\Logs\AdwCleaner[Snn].txt C:\AdwCleaner\Logs\AdwCleaner[Cnn].txt Thank you.
  19. Hi @alQamar I am running the same O.S. I am writing to suggest a couple of tweaks that you should consider. Just to be clear up front, I am not seeing the issues described above. But first, the Windows Action Center section in Malwarebytes ( on Windows 10 pc) does indeed relate to the Windows 10 "Windows Security". I am running Malwarebytes Premium & the 19H1 May 2019 Windows 10 ( build 18362.53 ) Malwarebytes does not turn off Windows defender. Matter of fact, there is a provision that can be used in the program so that Malwabytes is not taken by Windows as a alternate antivirus. Start Malwarebytes. Click Settings. Click the Application tab. Scroll down to Windows Action Center. Click the line for "Never register Malwarebytes in the Windows Action Center". When done, close the window. My next suggestion is to double check Windows 10 "Windows Security". Click on Open Windows Security. Double check that Windows Defender is ON. One other suggestion, about the "" startup process after login screen has been confirmed "". You want to re-check in your Premium Malwarebytes, the setting for the Start time of the scheduled auto-scan task in Malwarebytes. You do not want to have it set for 2 AM. But rather for a more realistic time when your Windows has been logged-into & up and running, with an additional pad of added time so that the Malwarebytes scheduler has had time to kick in. Point being, be sure the auto scan is not a task that kicks ON just at near the time Windows is loaded up. One other tip, you may also benefit from this next tweak. Start Malwarebytes. Click Settings. Click the Application tab. Scroll down to the section "Impact of Scans on System". Click the choice "Lower the priority of manual scans to improve multitasking". Cheers,
  20. So far so good. Let me have you run the following using another antivirus scanner to verify if they're able to find anything or not just to make sure. Please download and run the following Kaspersky antivirus scanner to remove any found threats Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool Let me know if it finds anything or not
  21. Hello @J2U and Please see the following article with advise on disabling https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/90923-enable-disable-automatic-repair-windows-10-a.html From an admin prompt in Recovery Environment you should be able to disable it.
  22. DiskCatalogmaker has been around since 1997 and is available from both the developers site and the App Store. It's got a valid Apple Developer ID registered to katsuya fujiwara, who presumably is the head of Fujiwara Software. Although I have not used it personally, I know many users who have recommended it. A quick examination of it doesn't reveal any trace of being associated with MixBuilder, so I'm confident that wasn't the culprit. If you have not done so yet, hold the <Option> key down, click on the  menu and select "System Information...". In the left column click on "Installations" then click twice on the column marked "Install Date". Check there to see what you have installed recently and for MixBuilder itself. If you do a "Get Info" on the MixBuilder.app, it may show you the date it was installed.
  23. I used the scanner on the Adwcleaner, I don't know what happened but it seems that it disabled my Touchpad and hidden Icons thing. I can't seem to figure out how to get the Special keys to work. Is there anyway I can fix it?
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