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  2. I have a false positive coming from, also the domain cutedogshop.com which is just a Digital Ocean droplet for a site. Please let me know if this can be removed. Thanks.
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  4. I've deactivated the licenses. I'll wait 24 hrs before reinstalling. Thanks. Lester
  5. Yeah, the first reply helped a... little. Thanks anyway to both you two. Now Chrome is heavy to open, and with lots of HD activity. After it opens, it usually stabilizes/get fast. What's now? A new scan? NO! BY GOLLY! NO!
  6. There is a definite infection now that prevents most all security programs from running. Not only just Malwarebytes. Be sure to not play any games online or offline. Be sure to do no web surfing of any sort. Do not do anything else on the web. This infection has to be cleared up first. and then later, some serious scans to double check. Do not run other programs. Close any programs to you started on your own. This next procedure may well do a Windows Restart when it finishes. . [ 1 ] I am sending a custom Fix script which is going to be used by the FRSTENGLISH tool. They will both work together as a pair. Please RIGHT-click the (attached file named) FIXLIST and select SAVE AS and save it directly ( as is) in the Downloads folder The tool named FRSTENGLISH is already on the Downloads folder. Start the Windows Explorer and then, open the Downloads folder. Double click FRSTENGLISH to run the tool. If the tool warns you the version is outdated, please download and run the updated version. Click the Fix button just once, and wait. PLEASE have lots and lots of patience when this starts. You will see a green progress bar start. Lots of patience. Some machines take longer than others. If you receive a message that a reboot is required, please make sure you allow it to restart normally. The tool will complete its run after restart. When finished, the tool will make a log ( Fixlog.txt) in the same location from where it was run. Please attach the Fixlog.txt in your reply. [ 2 ] Next, after the above is done, let's do what follows. Please read all of these lines first so that it is all clear to you about our plan. I need a one time run of MBAR like listed here, please. Please download Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit (MBAR) from here this link and save it to your desktop. Double click on the MBAR file and allow it to run. •Click OK on the next screen, to allow the package to extract the contents of the file to its own folder named mbar. •mbar.exe will launch automatically. On some systems, this may take a few extra seconds. Please be patient and wait for the program to open. •After reading the Introduction, click 'Next' if you agree. •On the Update Database screen, click on the 'Update' button. •Once you see 'Success: Database was successfully updated' click on 'Next', then click the Scan button. With some infections, you may see two messages boxes: 1.'Could not load protection driver'. Click 'OK'. 2.'Could not load DDA driver'. Click 'Yes' to this message, to allow the driver to load after a restart. Allow the computer to restart. Continue with the rest of these instructions. •If malware is found, press the Cleanup button when the scan completes. . please also attach these logs are located in the mbar folder on your desktop where the tool extracted itself to. mbar-log-2019-05-22 or 05-23 (xx-xx-xx).txt** (where xx-xx(xx-xx-xx) is the date and time of the scan) + also system-log.txt Keep me advised about all this. Cheers, fixlist.txt
  7. Need some help on removing WatchTVNow popup. I have MB 3.7.1 and AdwCleaner 7.3.0... Thank you.
  8. The Malwarebytes My Account portal can be used to deactivate your license key. Refer to the following KB article: https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-1037 Avoid the Activate/Download buttons and use the option to Deactivate All for your license key. If you're still having an issue, feel free to message me with the reference number associated with your Malwarebytes Premium purchase. Alternatively, you can contact Malwarebytes Support by email/chat using the following page: https://support.malwarebytes.com/community/contactsupport
  9. No, I tried to install a fresh mb3, but I still see the complaint that I have too many licences already in use. Perhaps the best way you can help me is to make sure that there are NO machines at all using any of our 2 licenses.
  10. Okay. Unfortunately, the service logging containing details on why the license state was reverted will have been lost during the uninstallation. If you wish to now reinstall Malwarebytes and activate Premium, please refer to the following KB articles: Download and install: https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-1141 Activate Premium: https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-1142 If you encounter any issues with activating Premium, please let us know.
  11. Hi. As I stated, I uninstalled MB on both PCs. I do not see that any MB logs can be gathered.
  12. Hello, Please carry out the "technical issues" steps above so we can see exactly why the license state was reverted to free. Thank you!
  13. Regret to hear that. We need to get a current / fresh report from this machine. The support tool is already on your pc. open your Downloads folder Double-click mb-support- to run the report You may be prompted by User Account Control (UAC) to allow changes to be made to your computer. Click Yes to consent. Place a checkmark next to Accept License Agreement and click Next You will be presented with a page stating, "Get Started!" Do NOT use the button “Start repair” ! Click the Advanced tab on the left column Click the Gather Logs button A progress bar will appear and the program will proceed with getting logs from your computer Upon completion, click a file named mbst-grab-results.zip will be saved to your Desktop. Click OK Please attach the ZIP file in your next reply.
  14. ***This is an automated reply*** Hi, Thanks for posting in the Malwarebytes 3 Help forum. If you are having technical issues with our Windows product, please do the following: If you are having licensing issues, please do the following: Thanks in advance for your patience. -The Malwarebytes Forum Team
  15. MB on both of our Thinkpads reverted to MB Free after the 1903 MS update. I went to my.malwarebytes.com page but that was no help at all. I do see the Activate and Download buttons, but trying to Activate just spins and goes nowhere. We have Lifetime licences for both PCs. I've uninstalled MB on both PCs. When a critical mass of complaints are received, I'm sure MB will resolve this issue.
  16. Not saying this is the case... but I have always turned off IPv6 on all my Windows 7/10 computers with no ill effects....
  17. OK. But when I double click on malwarebytes icon on my desktop, it doesn`t start
  18. If anyone is worried, and they do NOT use RDP, they can specifically block TCP/UDP Port 3389 on a SOHO Router and in the Windows Firewall. This will prevent RDP and any Internet Worm ingress w/o modifications to the OS.
  19. @exile360, as fair I understand this from a security standpoint one should not disable ipv6 in Windows 10 / Server 2016 or later MS needs the fe80 address for some services and said they expect this to be turned on. on a same subnet ipv6 is said to be used over ipv4.
  20. Hi, If at all possible, before you switch the drive that has Windows .....you want to Deactivate the License first. If at all possible, do that first. And yes, you can then re-install the program and re-activate the Premium license. There are several help articles on the Support portal about the topic of licenses, de-activation, re-activation. Start with Manage subscriptions in My Account https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-1032 . Let me know if you have other questions.
  21. Thanks for the log file. You should be able to start Malwarebytes for Windows. Do so. See what the Dashboard screen shows. . I believe this PC also has BitDefender antivirus. That may need some adjusting so that it treats Malwarebytes as a trusted application.
  22. That is good to know. If you need something else, let me know. Best wishes to you.
  23. Hi, A new clean re-install of Malwarebytes. Uninstall and reinstall using the Malwarebytes Support Tool https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-2674 .
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