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  2. Hello, IP block will be removed.
  3. Hello, my scans shows nothing. I think, that problem say bye - thank you very much!! If something changes I let you know - thanks! adwcleaner.txt malwarebytes-forum-log1.txt msert-log.txt
  4. Hello LoganThe Red, What is the current status of your PC, any remaining issues or concerns..? Regards, Kevin..
  5. btinternet.com is owned by the UK's main ISP/telecomms company. All of their customers will have email addresses there.
  6. @Yahoo21 Here's a excellent guide to check out when you have time.
  7. What is the current status of your PC, any remaining issues or concerns...?
  8. Hello dzikimurai, Thanks for those logs, please in future refrain usind code or quote boxes for submitting logs. Either attach them or copy and paste direct to your reply... Continue: Please download the attached fixlist.txt file and save it to the Desktop or location where you ran FRST from. NOTE. It's important that both files, FRST or FRST64, and fixlist.txt are in the same location or the fix will not work. NOTICE: This script was written specifically for this user, for use on this particular machine. Running this on another machine may cause damage to your operating system that cannot be undone. Run FRST or FRST64 and press the Fix button just once and wait. If the tool needs a restart please make sure you let the system restart normally and let the tool complete its run after restart. The tool will make a log on the Desktop (Fixlog.txt) or wherever you ran FRST from. Please attach or post it to your next reply. Note: If the tool warned you about an outdated version please download and run the updated version. NOTE-1: As part of this fix all temporary files will be removed. If you have any open web pages that have not been bookmarked please make sure you bookmark them now as all open applications will be automatically closed. Also, make sure you know the passwords for all websites as cookies will also be removed. The following directories are emptied: Windows Temp Users Temp folders Edge, IE, FF, Chrome and Opera caches, HTML5 storages, Cookies and History Recently opened files cache Flash Player cache Java cache Steam HTML cache Explorer thumbnail and icon cache BITS transfer queue (qmgr*.dat files) Recycle Bin Important: items are permanently deleted. They are not moved to quarantine. If you have any questions or concerns please ask before running this fix. The system will be rebooted after the fix has run. Next, Open Malwarebytes, select > "settings" > "security tab" Scroll down to "Scan Options" ensure Scan for Rootkits and Scan within Archives are both on.... Go back to "DashBoard" select the Blue "Scan Now" tab...... When the scan completes quarantine any found entries... To get the log from Malwarebytes do the following: Single click on the target sight above scanner window. In the new window select Report Double click on the Scan log which shows the Date and time of the scan just performed. Click Export > From export you have two options: Copy to Clipboard - if seleted right click to your reply and select "Paste" log will be pasted to your reply Export toTxt - if selected you will have to name the file and save to a place of choice, recommend "Desktop" then attach to reply Please use "Export to Txt" then attach the log to your reply... Next, Download AdwCleaner by Malwarebytes onto your Desktop. Or from this Mirror Right-click on AdwCleaner.exe and select Run as Administrator (for Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 users) Accept the EULA (I accept), then click on Scan Let the scan complete. Once it's done, make sure that every item listed in the different tabs is checked and click on the Quarantine button. This will kill all the active processes Once the cleaning process is complete, AdwCleaner will ask to restart your computer, do it After the restart, a log will open when logging in. Please copy/paste the content of that log in your next reply Next, Download "Microsoft's Safety Scanner" and save direct to the desktop Ensure to get the correct version for your system.... https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/security/threat-protection/intelligence/safety-scanner-download Right click on the Tool, select “Run as Administrator” the tool will expand to the options Window In the "Scan Type" window, select Quick Scan Perform a scan and Click Finish when the scan is done. Retrieve the MSRT log as follows, and post it in your next reply: 1) Select the Windows key and R key together to open the "Run" function 2) Type or Copy/Paste the following command to the "Run Line" and Press Enter: notepad c:\windows\debug\msert.log The log will include log details for each time MSRT has run, we only need the most recent log by date and time.... Let me see those logs in your reply, also tell me if there are any remaining issues or concerns... Thank you, Kevin... fixlist.txt
  9. Excellent, I'm glad it's working now. Sorry about the issue, but I guess that explains why we couldn't find anything wrong and why none of the usual fixes worked; they needed to fix it on their end Anyway, if there is anything else we might be able to help with please don't hesitate to let us know. Thanks
  10. Alright, already have added the browser Guard, Thx for help. It was rly frustraiting trying every solution possible and non to work ugh. now i can sleep in peace 😁
  11. By the way, if you aren't using it already, I'd highly recommend installing Malwarebytes Browser Guard. It's free and provides additional protection for your web browsers. There are versions for Chrome (and other Chromium based browsers like the new Microsoft Edge Chromium and SRWare Iron) as well as Firefox. It blocks malicious sites, ads, trackers and includes behavior based blocking for many types of malicious sites such as tech support scams (something that cannot be done outside the browser, meaning it adds to the protection provided by the Web Protection feature in Malwarebytes Premium and the two work very well together).
  12. OK, I just head from a member of the Support team that there was an issue on their end, which explains why several users showed up around the same time with the same problem today (there were around 4 or 5 at least that I saw, including yourself). It must have been a problem with their servers, but I'm glad to see that it is working now. Please let us know if you run into any further trouble, but you should be all set now.
  13. Hello, thanks for bringing this to our attention. We've reviewed the site again(the block is on the IP) and have determined it no longer warrants being blocked so we've removed it from our database. Removal should be reflected in the next database update going out in a few hours or so.
  14. Today
  15. oh what the .... just tried one more time and it worked O.o
  16. I give up.... i dont use VPN i tried proxy but i disabled it afterwards. i just tried to change my DNS to GoogleDNS followed the spets still nothing .... thats it .
  17. Hi, I am sorry I realized after submitting that I put it in the wrong thread. I have been notified by my client that their site is being blocked by Malwarebytes. hxxps://limseniorfitness.com/ - Shared IP I have run multiple test and cleaners and the site looks to be clean. Can you help in getting this domain/IP removed from your Blacklist please? Thank you!
  18. Thanks, are you using any sort of VPN or proxy on your connection? If so, please try disabling it and see if Malwarebytes is able to activate. It may not be able to reach its servers properly through the proxy or VPN. If that still doesn't fix it, or if you aren't using any proxy or VPN, please try setting Google DNS (instructions can be found in this article), or OpenDNS (instructions are located in this article) as your DNS provider to see if that allows it to work.
  19. Hi, I have been notified by my client that their site is being blocked by Malwarebytes. https://limseniorfitness.com/ - Shared IP I have run multiple test and cleaners and the site looks to be clean. Can you help in getting this domain/IP removed from your Blacklist please? Thank you!
  20. The kill switch feature is being released today.
  21. V1.8.0.369 Improvements/Features Support for Kill Switch Translate additional strings into local language Stability/Issues fixed Misc bug fixes
  22. Adobe released Version of Adobe Flash Player for Windows, macOS, Linux and Chrome OS with assorted functional fixes. Release date: August 11, 2020 Vulnerability identifier: None Platform: Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Chrome OS Update: With the option to 'Allow Adobe to install updates', the update will be automatic. Without that setting enabled, either install the update via the update mechanism when prompted or via the Download Center*. Windows 7 and earlier: Installation links for Windows 7 and earlier are provided by Adobe at Installation problems | Flash Player | Windows 7 and earlier: Flash Player for Internet Explorer - ActiveX -- Note: No update released for ActiveX Flash Player for Firefox/Pale Moon - NPAPI Flash Player for Opera and Chromium-based browsers - PPAPI
  23. i did and the fffffff error is still there ......i might just give up already spent 4h trying to fix it ...
  24. OK, do you have the full ZIP file I requested? It should be on your desktop. The log you uploaded was just one of the logs the tool creates. We require all of them to troubleshoot the issue.
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